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psychobabble for perceptive enthusiasts

27 February 1984
The name is spawned from my interest in human rights and mangos. Since it is a journal, I felt the need to express my need for human writes. Haha. (P.S. I laugh at my own jokes.)
3now4, activism, aimee mann, alix olsen, amnesty international, amy steinberg, ani difranco, astral project, atlanta, beck, belle and sebastian, belly dancing, ben harper, ben schmidt, bjork, bob marley, buddhism, cartwheeling, ceramics, chappy, cheese, chris o'brien, clergy, coldplay, cooking, counting crows, culture, current events, dalai lama, damien rice, dancing, dar williams, death cab for cutie, decemberists, dispatch, drums and tuba, ella fitzgerald, elliott smith, family, feist, feminism, film, flamenco, fleetwood mac, folk art, food, frank sinatra, frank zappa, friends, gillian welch, hamid drake, harry connick jr., herbie hancock, hula hooping, human rights, indie stuff, indigo girls, iron & wine, jack johnson, john coltrane, johnny cash, johnny vidacovich, jonatha brooke, joni mitchell, julie wolf, jump little children, k-os, ken oak, kt tundstall, learning, liberalism, lindsay mac, live music, live new orleans jazz, lost in translation, lucinda williams, mandorico, mary mulliken, michael franti, miles davis, mud wrestling, music, musicals, natalie merchant, nathan beaver, neko case, neshama carlebach, new orleans, new orleans klezmer all-stars, nick drake, otis redding, pearl jam, perceptions, phillip glass, photography, political activism, prague, rachael sage, radiohead, reading, reggae, regina spektor, rem, rilo kiley, rob wagner trio, salsa, scarves, shoes, simon and garfunkel, singing, sitting in the sun, spanglish, spearhead, spoon, sufjan stevens, susan tedeschi, suzanne vega, suzanne westenhoefer, that 1 guy, the bad plus, the ben taylor band, the black eyed peas, the ditty bops, the gipsy kings, the meters, the new pornographers, the white stripes, theme parties, theresa andersson, tibet, tibetan, tori amos, travelling, vintage things, writing